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In Tierra en Calma, we have 110 hectares for the enjoyment of your horse in the heart of the Regional Park of the Upper Manzanares River Basin. The horses live in very extensive meadows bordered by stone walls that include large areas of pasture, Mediterranean forest, and seasonal streams. Your horse will always be accompanied by the herd and will enjoy natural pastures throughout the year.

Yes. Horses prefer natural shelters when they have them. In Tierra en Calma, the large centuries-old holm oaks, the forest, and the rock walls provide ideal shelter areas for the herd, creating comfortable spaces for both summer and winter. Nevertheless, we have spacious paddocks with large walls and stables for when a horse needs isolation or recovery.

Your horse will have access to natural pasture throughout the year. Equine well-being is our priority, and nutrition is a key point. Therefore, the herd is limited to a maximum of 33 horses for the 110 hectares, ensuring free access to food for all our horses. In case your horse requires an additional feeding regimen, we will take care of its personalized diet.

We ensure the three principles of equine well-being: freedom, natural pastures throughout the year, and companionship. We also provide daily monitoring and check-ups to ensure the well-being of your horse. We manage all the treatments your horse may need at no additional cost: veterinarian, farrier, equine physiotherapist, etc.

Each horse has its own characteristics and requires a different adaptation period. We have acclimatization meadows where your horse will have controlled contact with its future companions. We will observe daily interactions to decide the best time for its final introduction into the herd, which will always be done progressively. This process will also serve for the gradual acclimatization to the new feeding regimen.

Whenever you want. You just need to notify us in advance.

If you have any more questions that you haven’t found the answers to here, you can contact us by email, WhatsApp, or through the contact form on our website.

If you have any further questions not found here, you can contact us by email, Whatsapp, or through the contact form on our website.