A great team of professionals.

We are Marta and Javier, two nature enthusiasts, passionate about wildlife in general and horses in particular. Our shared goal is to make this world a friendlier and more respectful place for all the life it sustains, with horses as our allies.


In charge of the well-being and care of the horses

B.S. in Environmental Sciences from UNED. An expert in equine ethology and equine therapies from UAM. An equine veterinary assistant and trainer in horse coaching and systemic constellations with horses.


In charge of biodiversity conservation and improvement

B.S. in Geological Sciences from UCM. Postgraduate studies in Scientific Imaging from UAH. A tracker of wildlife according to the CyberTracker Conservancy standard.

Our collaborators.

We have the support of a group of professionals who work with horses with patience, knowledge, and love.

Isabel Manso

Equine Dentist

Timothy Mollard


Violeta Fraile

Equine Pediatrist

Rafael Grandas

Equine Physiotherapist

Jorge Sánchez


Fernando Noailles

Emotional Trainer